Executive Search

In addition to Information Technology Staffing, ALLES Solutions offers Executive Searches for C-Level positions in Academia ( CIO, CISO, President, Chancellor, Provost ), in the Public Sector: City, County, and State leadership opportunities, as well as the Private Corporate space in a number of verticals: Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Defense & Aerospace, Consumer Goods.

We also execute Board of Directors searches, as well as flex work, fractional engagements, and consulting placements for senior executives. All of our searches are conducted in-house, through our Executive Recruitment arm; Cyber Exec. We do not outsource our searches for quality control of our deliverables. Our national private pool of passive candidates is generally not accessible publicly.

we’ll be happy to answer any questions or receive feedback.

The ALLES Solutions Advantage

Through a seamless partnership with Cyber Exec, a wholly owned subsidiary of ALLES Solutions SSG, we are able to give Senior Technology Executives a boutique experience for their personal career endeavors. This includes more time spent with you as a candidate, and an emphasis on long lasting personal relationships. Candidates and Clients both benefit from a higher grade of quality, a faster turn around time, higher completion rates, and a private network. We shy away from the inherent transactional nature of high volume operators, and always privilege quality over quantity.